Taking a Look at Facebook and Linkedin

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The social networking service, Facebook, was created by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommate, who both attended Harvard University, and launched Facebook in February 2004 (Phillips, 2007). Once the social networking sight went viral, the website's membership was no longer limited to Harvard students- college students from the rest of the United States and Canada soon started to use the social media service (History of Facebook, 2014). Facebook has become so popular and globally spread, that it is now being used by individuals and businesses worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg stated that the core idea of Facebook was to create a platform for people to share and connect with others who are prevalent in one’s life (Our Community to the Facebook Community, 2011). Facebook has created a borderless world and civilians can connect with friends and family who are dispersed all over the world. Publicising one’s life on the internet is risky, and has lead the Facebook team to create privacy settings to limit others access to the user’s information. Facebook wanted to ensure that users would feel comfortable to share moments and events about their real lives without being fearful of unwanted individuals viewing this information (Knibbs, 2014). This defining fact gave way to individuals, for the first time, having tools that they can use to broadcast their lives and connect with others. With this new found knowledge that the social media website could be used to communicate easily and
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