Taking a Look at Internet Banking

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Banking system is spread all over the world and the first and foremost priority of all the financial institutions in the world is to protect customer’s money. But in the modern era banking has surpassed this idea of just saving customers money and gone to next level. Customers choose a bank for its customer service level, security of customer’s account and money. Internet Banking is one of the cutting-edge internet technology applications, which promises multiple benefits both for the financial institution and for customers. In last few years a large number of banks have launched websites, offering online Banking services. While the functioning of these digital systems seem to be relatively smooth in the United States and some other technology oriented countries, but the situation may be different in European countries. This research investigates and analyses that how Internet Banking is empowering customers in Internet Banking in United Kingdom. The study also discovers how internet banking is improving customer service quality in banking industry in United Kingdom. 1.2 Research Hypothesis & Research Questions Research Hypothesis: Internet Banking is empowering customers and increasing customer services quality in Banking Industry in United Kingdom. Research Questions The research questions that I am going to address in my dissertation are: • Internet Banking is empowering customer? • Internet Banking is improving customer service
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