Taking a Look at Life with Lex

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Life With Lex is a newly set-up retail establishment that will offer fashionable clothing for sale to women aging from eighteen to fifty years old. Life With Lex is a sole proprietorship small business that will be located in uptown Kingston, New York. The uptown area of Kingston is becoming an extremely popular shopping area for locals because of its hip, vintage feel. While my inceptive goal is to open one boutique in uptown Kingston, my extension plans include inherently franchising my boutique Life With Lex, and/or the premises I am located in, a highly-acknowledged brand name. In the future, I would truly hope to occupy a substantial portion of the online retail market. The small business venture that I own and operate, a boutique named Life With Lex, is the perfect establishment for women to purchase products ranging from stylish clothing all the way to useful accessories. Flourishing businesses have a common characteristic in that they do something serviceable for their customers. Therefore, if I precisely understand customer problems and needs, my business will have a better chance of triumph. My target market for my boutique Life With Lex is women aged from eighteen to fifty years old. Within this thirty-two age range, there are working class women and college students. Being in this particular age range, I personally know and fully understand that working class and college women like to buy fashionable, stylish clothing and other vaguely conservative

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