Proposal For Savvy Chic Apparel Operating Plan

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Proposal for Savvy Chic Apparel Operating Plan Opening a new retail business can be daunting to say the least. The entrepreneur accepts full responsibility for development and management, including the risks and rewards. Many businesses do not survive to see their fifth anniversary since business owners fail to develop an effective business plan (Haag, 2013). The key to the success of a business is writing a business plan down first, when preparing to open a business, it emphases on the main areas of concern and will be the core support of a successful business. There are many obligations that must addressed before opening up to the general public and this paper will discuss the steps that need to be taken from the beginning until the grand opening of a fictional retail store, Savvy Chic Apparel. These obligations and steps will include financing options, location strategies, merchandising plans, staff recruitment, preliminary training, product selection, store management considerations and advertising media budgets. Savvy Chic Apparel is a retail store offering an assortment of merchandise focusing on individual collections of fabulous clothing and accessories in the classic ebony and ivory with shades of feminine colors. Savvy Chic Apparel’s goal is to offer the most superior fashion apparel that offers the best available options, with convenient, affordable pricing, and most stellar customer service. Savvy Chic Apparel’s mission is to strive to make women feel

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