Taking a Look at Meningococcal Vaccination

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A vaccine is an antibiotic that allows your immune system to grow stronger and “immune” by producing excess antibodies specifically for that disease allowing your body to fight against the disease better. Vaccines are created through taking the disease and putting it through a series of processes where the virus is weakened to a certain state that it does minimal damage to your body when injected. This process is put into 5 steps by originally creating the antigen, next they release the antigen and put it through a step where the isolate it from human growth protein, the third step is where they purify the disease. The fourth step is strengthening the antigen, and finally distributes the final product to the public for mass protection. The vaccines contain the disease themselves but in weakened state to prevent the disease from physically and chemically damaging your body. Back in 1796 Edward Jenner found immunity for small pox though the “use of cowpox material to create immunity to smallpox, quickly made the practice widespread. His method underwent medical and technological changes over the next 200 years, and eventually resulted in the eradication of smallpox.” (“Vaccine Timeline," n.d.) By 1885 the rabies vaccine was cured through a shot created by Louis Pasteur. This opened a whole new window for the idea of vaccines into society. Throughout time vaccines have been being perfected and have expanded their range to hundred of diseases and even some non-infectious

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