Taking a Look at Shared Leadership

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SHARED LEADERSHIP An effective leader recognizes the need to capitalize on all of the skills and resources of school employees. The greatest opportunity for successful teams is when administration encourages collaborative work, team objectives are clearly defined, norms of behavior are established, and all team members have the skills and resources needed to accomplish their assigned tasks. I work in a private school setting where the current leadership is a great supporter of teamwork and collaboration and has established many different types of teams. Unfortunately, many of the teams are formed haphazardly without any thought to the skills the members bring to the team and certainly without the resources, time, and support necessary for many of the teams to function effectively. For example, our school underwent an accreditation process several years ago and all faculty members worked together in smaller teams to draft an action plan for the coming years. However, extensive and significant revisions were completed over the course of the year by one individual when the document and intent of the process was to involve all stakeholders. I am among a great number of staff members who were offended with the process and did not perceive the final document as a true reflection of teamwork. In this example, the idea of teamwork was simply an illusion.
Another area of concern is that our school adopted Stephen Covey’s The Leader in Me Program during the 2013

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