Taking a Look at Tunguska Explosion

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In June of 1908, a fireball descended towards Earth leaving a fiery white trail in its path. It landed in Siberia but it wasn’t like any other asteroid. This one appeared to have exploded in mid air causing Hiroshima like effects. There is no evidence that it hit Earth, but there is a crater shaped lake about five miles from where the suspected spot it landed. The fire ball left thousands of trees on fire, seemingly blowing over millions. This force killed local people as well as animals and there is only one thing that we can conclude about it… it was an asteroid.

At exactly 7:17 A.M. local time on June 30,1908 an asteroid came plummeting down toward Earth's surface. This occurrence happened around the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Russia. "Recent scientific studies by meteorite researcher Christopher Chyba have estimated that the Tunguska event may have been caused by the explosion of a stony meteorite about 30 meters in diameter traveling at about 15 km/s. Compare the energy released by such an object with that of an atomic bomb such as those dropped on Japan in World War II." (Planetary Science Institute) Although it took scientists many years after the explosion to get out to the suspected site of where it landed, they are not able to find any evidence of it hitting Earth.

Reports have been taken about the effects of the explosion. They have done things that would have been thought impossible.“One older man at about this distance was reportedly blown

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