Taking a ook at Teen Pregnancy

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The social problem I have chosen to write about is teen pregnancy. My family has experienced teen pregnancy with my cousins as well as myself. With all my cousins who became teenage mothers they all failed to either graduate from high school or once they did graduate or earn their GED’s they failed to go to college. Every single one them was also on welfare. In my particular situation I was not on welfare and did complete high school on time, although I did attend college for only one semester, I did not complete obtaining a degree. I am currently trying to complete my degree however it has taken me to the age of 33 to successfully go back.
Having a child at the age of 16 was extremely tough for me. I had attended private school up until the end of my sophomore year as that is when I became pregnant. I had hoped to attend college out of state and had a steady grade point average of about 3.5. I lost contact with all my friends as I was either working or staying home with my son. I had to work two jobs in order to avoid being on welfare and yet still continue to go to high school as I was determined to finish. I can proudly say that my son is now graduating from high school and he has grown up to be a very respectful young man. I had seen my cousins’ struggle with their teen pregnancies as well but no one had actually ever sat me down to talk to me about it.
Although teen pregnancy has since been on the decline about 3 in 10 teen girls will still get pregnant in the United

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