The Problem Of Adolescent Pregnancy

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Danica Tse
July 4, 2015
Sarah Thompson Social Indicators Rough Draft

There are many problems that our society faces today. Despite all the

knowledge and technology we have there are still issues that have been in our

society for decades. Social indicators that are prevalent today are health care, child

welfare, women’s welfare, economics, technology, education, infrastructure and

population. The topic of adolescent pregnancy is universal problem in our world today.

“Adolescent pregnancy occurs in all societies, with considerable variation in magnitude and consequences among different countries and regions.” Teenage pregnancy is certainly not unheard of, all nations across the globe have

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a child means every human being

below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child,

majority is attained earlier” (as cited in UNFPA, 2013, p.3). Children who are

eighteen and under have an adolescent girl- pregnancy. Girls who are pregnant

between the ages of ten and nineteen are called adolescent pregnancies. Even

though there are two subcategories, most the data represents pregnancies that

occur between the age of fifteen and nineteen.

Adolescent pregnancies comes with a lot of issues. It is considered a result of

mother and child mortality and teenage pregnancies can leave to reduced quality of

life, health concerns, and poverty. Many factors contribute to adolescent pregnancy,

each nation have variations of factors that involved in this social indicator.

In a socioeconomic aspect, “The link between adolescent childbearing and

two aspects of social and economic development, degree of urbanization, measured

by the type of place in which young women live (urban or rural), and educational

attainment…” (Singh, 1998,p.126) In more developed countries, it is more likely for

teenage girls to live in an urban setting and obtain a higher level of education. Those

factors result in a lower number of adolescent pregnancies. Typically, more

modernized countries do not favor giving birth at a young age because girls need an

advancement in education

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