Talent Management in Renewable Energy Essay

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Introduction 3
1. Task- 1 3

1.1- Talent Management 3

1.1.1Potential Talent Management Strategies 3
1.1.2. Shared goal 3
1.1.3. Keep it balanced 4
1.1.4. Choose the right people 4
1.1.5. Demographic plan 4
1.1.6. Develop a brand campaign 4
1.1.7. Relationships with colleges and universities 4
1.1.8. Employee referral program 5
1.1.9. Quicken up the process 5
1.1.10. Seek into unusual sources 5
1.2. Potential recruitment strategies 5
1.2.1. Retention Policies 5

1.2.2. Safety and Quality 6

1.2.3. Aggressive growth plans 6

2. Task- 2 6

2.1. Potential steps to
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It is important to map out all key sources for the best talent (schools, competitors, universities, feeder pools, etc.)
1.1.6. Develop a brand campaign
Developing a brand campaign with companies in renewable energy sector, so that the message is consistent across different companies would be vital. They are playing up the service and product side while policy side should be reviving up the culture and why people want to work in UK energy sector. The campaign should be fun and exciting and consistent. No one will want to engage if the message keeps changing.
1.1.7. Relationships with colleges and universities
The number of engineering graduates and qualified technicians is now falling in the UK as older workers retire and too few new graduates come onto the labour market each year to take their place. As a policy, negotiation with colleges and universities can be taken to provide graduates that will be feeder pools for new developing talent. Focus on developing great relationships with these schools by helping intellectual property development as in research, development and much more. Association with these schools to offers wok placements in various renewable energy sectors can also be vital.
1.1.8. Employee referral program
This could be one of the best and cost effective programs for hiring. Not only is it cost-effective but employees

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