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Resourcing Talent RTO assessment Activity 1 – People Management magazine article Name: || Group: | 2016 Spring Level 3 HRP CIPD Member No: | | Date: | 2 May 2016 | Word count: | | Introduction Talent planning is a part of Human Resources processes that “ensures the organisation is able to identify and attract key people with the capability to create competitive advantage and that it actively manages an appropriate balance of resource to meet changing needs, fulfilling the short and long-term ambitions of the organisations strategy”. This article aims to explore, identity and explain factors that can affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent, retaining a diverse workforce, recruitment, selection …show more content…

It is a key tool for organisations to plan ahead and identify areas/skills for training and development. Recruitment & selection policy: These are set of the organisation’s objectives, goals and guidelines that provide the framework for an effective recruitment and selection process. The policy should aim to provide a transparent and unbiased behaviours and ensures that organisations employees the best candidate. 4. Describe the benefits of three different recruitment methods: Internal recruitment: This is a good method to promote employees who are understands the organisation’s objectives and committed in achieve a common goal. It is a cheaper, easy way to recruit and managers will know the strengths and weakness of internal candidate. Employee referral schemes: Employee referral is a bonus incentive scheme that encourages personal recommendation from a current employee for candidates to fill roles. The scheme is in an indirect way to start the initial screening for candidates as they have been vouched for and might be a better cultural fit for the organisation. Job fairs: Job fairs are an opportunity for organisation’s to have information tables that will attract job potential candidates for future roles. It is a networking environment for both the organisation and jobseekers. Fairs are usually common for school leaver

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