Talk Of The Town Is African American Fiction

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Themes in Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town is African-American fiction, written by Tracie Howard and
Danita Carter in 2003. The setting is in Manhattan, New York and Chicago, Illinois, during the 1990s. This suspenseful story mainly focuses on two heroines, who relocated to New York, experiencing the glitz and glamor of life in the city. The themes of the novel include: the power of money, relationships, and the urban culture. The main characters in the novel are upwardly mobile and career-focused, realizing the power of money. This type of lifestyle is unique to this population in fiction. A few of the characters are wheeling and dealing in corporate America. They strive to remain relevant and productive in their respective …show more content…

Another role in the nover is Freddie Hudson, a native New Yorker not far from being homeless. He picks pockets by day and trades his body at night. Then there is Tricia who is Dakota’s younger cousin. Tricia has difficulty finding a secure life without the help of others. She looks for an easy way by scheming to get there. These characters are on the outside looking into a higher style of life that they desire, thinking that the power of money will resolve their dilemmas. Relationships are central to the novel, despite the characters’ financial standings. Morgan and Dakota have been best friends for years. They are each other’s rock that they can lean on during good and difficult times. Sometimes, Dakota helps Morgan with her planning events. Morgan gives her friend a good listening ear as she desires a committed, monogamous relationship, as is stated: ...she wished she could be nurturing the seed of the man she loved. There was only one problem--there wasn’t a man in the picture, on the canvas, or anywhere on the horizon (p. 50).
When Morgan’s business is jeopardized due to a business decision made from her heart instead of her head, Dakota comes to the rescue. Then, there are coworkers turned friends: Miles and Phillip. They are each other’s strongest supporters in a competitive recording field. Phillip forewarns Miles who is unaware of another coworker’s worst intentions towards him. On the other

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