Tanglewood Case 2: Planning

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Tanglewood Case 2: Planning

To: Dr. Grace
From: Tanisha Yorrick
Date: 9/16/2015
Subject: Tanglewood Planning

Tanglewood is trying to conduct a hiring plan for its upcoming year. They need to meet certain numbers and plan for expected shortages and surpluses. They are seeking assistance in identifying the trends in their labor market, filling vacant positions, reducing turn overs and updating their affirmative action plan.

Key Points
This section contains the key issues for Tanglewood to address and rectify.

* There will be employee shortages in the upcoming year that will require the company to seek outside sources in the form of new hires, temporary assignments and temporary hires. There will be a …show more content…

They could also hire unexperienced people looking for work for store associates, and hire more experienced candidates for shift leaders and department managers.

There seems to be a problem with hiring for female employees as shift leaders. This could mean a few things. Tanglewood could not be promoting enough women within the company of the position is not appealing to enough women outside of the company. It could also mean that women are exiting the company more than men. Tanglewood should take an approach that promotes shift leader vacancies to women.

I think Tanglewood should take a serious look at how they are approaching diversity within their organization. I think they should engage community organizations that cater to women and minorities. They should also reconsider the ways in which they advertise, look into new media outlets that will give them direct access to the employees they seek. They can ensure that all employees have the same opportunity for promotion. To accomplish this they would make internal postings available to all, evaluate job requirements and allow employees to discuss their interests in career growth. Overall, I do think the goal of meeting their AAP and hiring needs within the same year is doable. It would just take some more effort than what Is currently being used.

One of the pros of using internal promotions for gender and diversity hiring is it’s easier to identify the

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