Tanglewood Stores: Measurement and Validation Essay

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To: Daryl Perrone Marilyn Gonzalez From: Anita Watley Subject: Tanglewood Stores Measurement and Validation Marilyn Gonzalez and Daryl Perrone have asked you to complete the following steps to evaluate the soundness of the proposed selection plan, and provide them with a report. They are especially interested in learning what your results suggest about the validity of various selection methods. 1. Examine the data provided in Tables 3.1 and 3.2. Write a one page memo describing what the results show. Be certain to emphasize both the practical and statistical and statistical significance of the results. Also, be certain to note which of the predictors is most related to which of the relevant outcomes. 2. One key question for…show more content…
Staffing Services will look very negatively on a report that is difficult to read, presents contradictory information, or that includes tables presented in a hard to interpret format. (#1)Currently Tanglewood uses two selections methods when hiring new employees. The first is an application. On the application, applicants provided some basic information about themselves such as contact information, their employment and education history. Once the application has been submitted the forms are reviewed by the Assistant Store Manager for Operations and HR. At that time a brief interview is conducted. If applicants make it past the initial interview they are then considered candidates. Next a more in depth interview is given and candidates are asked questions regarding their previous work history, their philosophy of customer service and teamwork. Although questions are formalized there are no keys for managers regarding what the “right” answers. Due to complaints from store managers regarding the quality of employees a thorough assessment of Tanglewood’s hiring practices was instigated. It was determined that a organization-wide shift to a more detailed selection system was needed. A search for good predictors of sales associate performance that would create minimal additional administrative burdens for managers was initiated. (#2)The proposed alternatives to the current system are the Retail Marketing Knowledge Exam, the

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