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Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor
The tantalum power undergoes a process called pressing. This mean that the powder is mixed with binder to make sure the particles will stick together when pressed to form the anode which will flow into press tool smoothly. A high pressure condition is applied to the tantalum powder around a tantalum wire to form tantalum slug. The binder is removed by heating the slug under vacuum and high temperature for a few minutes.
Next process is sintering, the tantalum is sintered at high temperature in vacuum and cause every single particles rejoin to form a sponge-like structure. This process makes the tantalum have strong mechanical strength, density and give large internal surface. But beware the …show more content…

The graphite layer is functioned to prevent the direct contact of silver layer and manganese oxide.
The capacitance value of tantalum capacitors have the range between 1nF to 72mF and voltage rating is from 2V to 500V or higher. The size of tantalum capacitor is smaller than aluminum capacitor in the same capacitance value. The tantalum capacitor has its anode, electrolyte and cathode just like other electrolytic capacitor. The anode is made by tantalum metal and not placed beside cathode so that only small leakage of DC current will occur. The capacitance value is higher if the internal surface is higher.
Tantalum electrolytic capacitor has high volumetric efficiency compare to other electrolytic capacitor. Besides, tantalum capacitor has good frequency characteristic which mean they are more suitable in using other application where normal electrolytic capacitor could not be done. It also has high reliability, they say to be unlimited life time as an electrolytic capacitor. It can withstand extreme temperate in range -55°C to 125°C. Furthermore, it has high level of compatibility with other modern production.
Tantalum electrolytic capacitor has low ripple current ratings which shrink the area of using them. Tantalum capacitor cannot sustain excessive voltage or reversing the voltage, this may cause it to explode. Lastly, the cost is higher compare to other capacitor.
In industrial application,

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