Essay about Target's International Expansion to Panama

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Target Corporation is among one of the largest retailers in US with its headquarter located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company is recognized within the top 500 most valuable brands as of 2012 as well as the top 25 retail brands in 2012 (Target Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2013). Target took birth on May1, 1962 as a “new idea in discount stores”. Gregg W. Steinhafel is the current chairman, president and CEO of Target ( The company has a vast product offerings such as- household essentials, including pharmacy, beauty, personal care, baby care, cleaning, and paper products; hardlines comprising music, movies, books, computer software, sporting goods, and toys, as well as electronics that consist of video game …show more content…

Maintaining the standards of the brands they carry is very important, along with the availability of fully functional cyber shopping incentives. Secondly, their success depends on the positive image they portray. A hit to its reputation can cause legal issues, effect its developmental opportunities and possibly loss of sales. Proceeding, is a high interest in maintaining the reliable multichannel experience they offer to the their guest through its operations. In contrast to that it is essential to be responsive to changing consumer preferences or the profitability may suffer. Moving on is an issue they currently faced but exerts its attention on sustaining the growing workforce and affording the labor cost for successful operations. One of the vital approaches of growing is by expanding its locations in small areas with dense population. They have to face high competition to secure profitable locations and find third parties to obtain financing and acquire necessary zoning permits for expansion projects. Other imperatives involve maintaining the quality of the product and services they offer. Also stay in compliance with government rules and regulation of work ethics and tax rates (Annual Report, 2012). Target’s internal elements are navigated by their ability of recognition, differentiation, innovation, strategic marketing and consumer loyalty. Legal issues still tend to affect the overall position

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