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Intro: The necessity to combine the Utah Symphony and the Opera is based on the ever changing environment that supports the arts community. There have been seismic changes in the economic landscape throughout the entire country over the past few years. These changes have created shortfalls and limitations on external funds donated to help fund the arts in and around the Salt Lake Community. Exec. Summary: You people represent the newly merged boards of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera. We would like to take some time highlight the strategic goals set forth for the newly formed organization. At the end of this presentation you should have a firm knowledge of each individual company. You will be aware of their strengths, weakness…show more content…
The symphony is less influenced by the surrounding environment. By looking at the CVF we see that the symphony takes its direction in a flexible and discretionary manner. As we discussed early this fact is represented that the employees (musicians) are empowered to make decisions about the operations of the symphony. In looking at how the Opera fits into the CVF we see that they have characteristics that are consistent with a Market Culture. The Opera unlike the symphony is limited to 3 to 5 performances a year. This sets the stage for a fundamental difference in the two organizations. The Opera has a permanent staff of 23 relying on contract employees to fill the required spots for the chosen performances. In a market culture there is a concentration of an external focus and differentiation. The Opera and Anne Ewers concentrates on developing outside relationships to gain funding for the Opera. In addition a market culture has to respond to changes in the market. The Opera has to fill the needs and requests of the patrons that attend their performances. The Opera is constantly competing to get the best talent and performers to showcase at the few performances that they have a year. A market culture pays close attention to its audience and customers. The Opera is always taking a poll of their audience to ask how they are doing and how they

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