Do Task Guiding Behaviors Work?

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Do task guiding behaviors work? I tested out some task guiding behaviors I learned in a study group I have for my math class. My results were very helpful in what I was trying to achieve from studying. Using these behaviors can help you learn, share, and specify information. I would highly recommend for those in groups (big or small) to use these behaviors or different ones to help you learn even more. Some of these behaviors include requesting information, clarifying information, testing reasoning and negotiating. The task guiding behavior I felt that helped me the most would be clarifying information. Usually when my study group would go over problems we didn’t understand, they would explain it in a way I wasn’t really familiar with which …show more content…

I would never say anything because I didn’t want to slow everyone else down. Using this behavior I made sure that when I didn’t understand I would ask things like, “Do you mean (whatever I needed to understand), or, “So you're saying that…”. It not only helped me understand better and faster, but it saved me a lot of time because now I wouldn’t have to look it up on the internet or in the textbook. Another behavior that helped me a great amount would be requesting information. An example of this would be to start a new problem I would say, “So how would we solve this problem?” It helped me and my group stay on task and helped us work better as a group. I was not the only person who used this behavior and our group had a great time focusing. This behavior also works on helping you become a better speaker. I’m fairly shy so this helped me feel like I was more a part of the group. The last behavior I used more than the others would be testing reasoning. When a group member would come up with what he or she thought was the answer to the problem they would explain

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