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They Want To Change Their Reputation -

In the movie Grease, arguably the most iconic musical of all time, Sandra Dee Olsson, portrayed by Olivia Newton-John, abandons her good-girl dresses and cardigans for a pair of leather trousers and a packet of cigarettes. This she does in an attempt to win the heart of Danny Zuko, the school’s most eligible greaser.

Today, there are hundreds upon thousands of girls who would like to follow in the footsteps of Olivia Newton-John’s character and shed their reputations as shy, law-abiding girls to become known as leather-clad rebels, always good for some red lipstick or a fake ID. The most surefire way to earn such a reputation is to hook up with an established bad boy and make sure everybody sees you getting up to no good together.

They Like Tattoos -

A significant portion of the typical girl’s love for the typical bad boy can be traced back to tattoos. Women have long had a fascination with guys with tattoos and the rise of the internet has made it possible for them to admire heavily tattooed males via websites and blogs entirely dedicated to the subject. Once they have grown used to seeing tatted-up men clad in boxer briefs, they are unable to derive any joy from baby-faced …show more content…

The classic film features James Dean playing the role of Jim Stark, who is essentially just James Dean under a different name. A surly and rebellious youth, Dean’s character wears a badass leather jacket and rides around on a motorcycle, getting in fights and causing trouble. The movie really glamorizes bad boys and is to this day seen as the greatest depiction of teenage angst in the history of cinema. Pretty much every girl who has seen it since Rebel Without A Cause was released in the fall of 1955 has fallen madly in love with James Dean (I may have even developed something of a crush on him when I first saw

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