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On November 10th from 12:30 to 1:30, Taxi Chain performed a free concert in The Family Martin at York University. Grier Coppins founded Taxi Chain in 1993. They offer bluesy jigs and strong overtones of old school funk, R&B, rock n roll, country, folk and world music. This vast amount of styles allowed for their performance to be very intriguing. The styles are versatile, daring and fun (York university website). The setting of the performance was at The Family Martin Lounge, so the environment was relaxed. Everyone was doing their own thing in addition to listening. The atmosphere of the space was relaxed and most people were just doing their own thing while getting to enjoy the fantastic music that was being played. Truthfully, I choose this …show more content…

Their main genre that every other genre is based on is the blues. The Blues are shown in almost every song, but in most cases other genres are added to it. For example old school funk, R&B, rock n roll, country, folk and world music were also seen in Tazi Chain’s Performance. I will go more into detail on the blues genre as that is the main genre presented. The blues genre began around the 1980’s in the Mississippi Delta area of the United states (Pouska, Andrew). By definition the genre of blues is “a kind of jazz that evolved from the music of African-Americans, especially work songs and spirituals, in the early twentieth century” (dictionary). This is well shown in the Taxi Chain’s songs as all of their songs are based on personal experience. They stated that they never go searching for inspiration, they just get inspiration to write music from things that have already happened in their life. A singer, guitarist, bassist, pianist and a drummer are standard instruments that make up a typical blues band. All these instruments were present in the concert. A saxophone was also played during the concert to give the songs a more jazzy blues feel. In addition to these instruments being played, a bagpipe was also the main focus throughout the performance. Unique harmonies, rhythms and inflections are also other key features of the blues style. This was viewed since there were so many instruments and vocals in sync with one another. This includes the use of bagpipes being able to sound like one with all the other instruments. Grier Coppins grew up playing the bagpipes and wanted to incorporate them into this band. It was different to see this as normally in an electric band, a bagpipe would not be expected to be present. The he did a very good job at incorporating the bagpipes, and with all the instruments being played they actually all complement each other very well. With this being said the

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