Teacher Difficulties in Teaching Esl in Malaysia

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INTRODUCTION English plays a vital role around the global. As the regard of English usage in a universal form, English is placed as second language in most of the countries around the world. English is widely learned as a second language and used as an official language of the European Union and many Commonwealth countries, as well as in many world organizations. It is the third most natively spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. It is the most widely spoken language across the world. English is now widely taught in almost every country. When it comes to teaching and learning a language, it is not always easy to achieve the goal. Almost every country that emphasis on the teaching and learning of English…show more content…
English is compulsory second language taught in school beginning at Primary 1 and age seven. Malaysian students from different background in life have different levels of knowledge and proficiency in English. Every student has a different way of learning, and learns and progresses at different speeds. There are some students who find it difficult to do the task while others find it easy whenever teacher instructs on a task to be carried out by them. These mix abilities students are hard for teacher to approach one by one. Such situations become obstacles in the process of learning English as a second language. Teachers are unable to reach all of the students at one time. Teachers are also having problems in deciding the right activities and tasks to be carried out throughout the lesson to facilitate teaching and learning process. Other than that, the participation of students in classroom activities also plays a role in the success and failure of the lesson. Teachers are uninspired when the teachers does not get the participation of students in classroom activities. Since the classroom is the first and only environment for many foreign language learners, they should use this chance as much as possible to get involved in the classroom activities. However, some of the students find it difficult to speak in the target language for many reasons ranging from interest to confidence, from age to knowledge. Other
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