Teacher Retention Project

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Most parents want their children to have a better educational experience than they received including having a memorable teacher. You remember that one teacher who made history come alive or provided real life examples for the use the Pythagorean Theorem. Maybe your special teacher made grammar meaningful as you expressed our ideas through writing. Imagine if your favorite teacher poured their wealth of experience, knowledge, and magical know how into one of your child’s teachers. However all this educational wisdom becomes like a vapor as teachers relocate or retire which has becomes a reoccurring event in the Arizona public schools. According to the Arizona Department of Education 35.3% of classroom teacher left their teaching position…show more content…
“The Teacher Retention Program is committed to supporting the development and retention of Arizona top teachers increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Arizona’s school, and improving educational opportunities for all students” ("Teacher Retention Project," n.d., para. 1) . By retaining exciting dedicated educators who achieve in their field of expertise, the residents of Arizona will bring stability into the classroom which will result in higher academic test scores, increase graduation rates, and a positive school experience for our future citizen of the state of Arizona. This initiative will address the disastrous deterioration within the Arizona school district due to increasing numbers of teachers either relocating or vacating the teaching profession all together by providing a mentor program between effective teacher in high achieving schools with those in lower academic settings. As teachers leave the profession a void between seasoned experienced teacher and those beginning their career becomes noticeable, particularly in the low income school districts. By putting forward this initiative the residents of Arizona will comply with Brown vs. Board of Education ruling which address the issue of segregation in tangible
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