Teachers ' Practice Through Effective Continuing Professional Learning

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It is argued that to achieve educational reform and improve student learning, that the transforming of teachers’ practice through effective continuing professional learning is paramount (Hattie, 2003). Dinham (2012) proposes that quality teaching is vital in terms of equity in allowing all students to improve their life chances, the processes of supervision and appraisal are crucial in enabling individuals to undertake self-reflective learning that leads to improved teacher practice and better student outcomes. Jensen (2010) states that “improving the quality of Australia’s teachers will create the greatest improvements in student performance, and (provide) consequent economic and social benefits” (p.63). Yet, for many teachers the notion of supervision and appraisal is seen as a threatening process, and effective leadership is required to bring cultural change that allows these processes to be empowering in instigating teacher improvement. This response will seek to explore the usage of the terms supervision and appraisal, deliberate the value of these processes and describe principles of leadership required to implement them in an effective manner.

Supervision and Appraisal
Before devising a set of principles that might lead to effective implementation of supervision and appraisal in practice, it is essential to define the terms. Within the literature, it appears that both supervision and appraisal have been described in a number of different ways. For some…
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