Teaching And Learning English As A Foreign Language

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1 UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES FACULTY OF ENGLISH LINGUISTIC AND LITERATURE REFLECTION PAPER TESOL-MA Program Course: Advanced Teaching Methodology Name: ân ĐClass: 2016-B Instructor: ương, Ph.D. Taking the course of MA on TESOL, whose design is research-oriented, post-graduates are required to accomplish credit subjects including Advanced Teaching Methodology. It is obviously an opportunity for master students not only to review what they have learned but also to have an in-depth insight of issues related to teaching and learning English as a foreign language. Two-third of a nine-session course passed and it is time for course learners to take a look back on what they have experienced via a reflection paper. From a very personal perspective, in the one hand, this paper is going to summarize what have been presented and discussed throughout six weeks; and in the other hand, it includes certain points that the writer himself have interests in. The first session of the course focused on knowing of English language learners. In order to help learners achieve success in conquering a second language, it is important that teachers should pay careful attention to what their learners’ role is, viewing from both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, learners’ extrinsic and intrinsic motivation must be also taken into account if the teacher wants to

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