Teaching And Religious Imagination Draws From Paul Ricoeur

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Some years after I joined the church, I took a spiritual gift assessment. One of my spiritual gifts is the gift of teaching. I had been teaching early in my professional career and was excited to be able to teach in the church. I felt that God would use me greatly to share his word with the congregation. I have recently been appointed Director of Christian Education for my church and I am so excited at the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our congregation and community. I am also in awe of the enormous responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders. Maria Harris in her book Teaching and Religious Imagination draws from Paul Ricoeur the conclusion that we can alter our existence by changing our imaginations. As a teacher of both children and adults, I have focused on the technicality of teaching rather than the imagination of teaching. Heretofore it has been my endeavor to ensure that any subject matter I taught was technically correct so that content could not be challenged. As a result of taking this class, reading books, viewing websites, and learning on music and arts in Christian Education, I must say, there are great improvement opportunities for further teaching development. When one considers what the word imagination means; ability to visualize, creative part of mind, resourcefulness and creative act, it is clear that we use imagination in every day life. So when we consider that in the act of teaching, imagination is being used,

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