Teaching Assistant Level 2 Supportive the Pupil Essay

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UNIT 1 SUPPORTING THE PUPIL TASK 6. The social and emotional development of children from 5 to sixteen plays a crucial part in in the impact and quality of the child’s lives these influence the development of the child in various ways which is why it is important for a Teaching Assistant to recognise these factors so they can help the child continue learning and use the skills already instilled in them. By treating each child as their own person you learn that they are all different and develop at their own pace but in order to do this you must see the child developing and to show support to both the teacher and child you are able to better the child’s learning experiences and embrace their own developmental skills. I am aware of the…show more content…
They would not forget if they needed would ask for help this in itself shows a child at 10 years is recognising ways to provide better relations and communications. So in effect good listening skills are formed and the child would know how to better themselves and others. Age 11 years: From this age the child should demonstrate they have developed the importance of family and peer relations. They will have utilised their decision making and problem skills more. They should show they can work with and in groups without difficult including displaying their own goals and how to work towards them with realistic expectations. By this age children should recognise the relationship between mental and physical health. Age 12 years: At this age the child is able to form anger management skills and is able to deal with their own stress. They are understand being down through disappointment including sad emotions like bereavement. At this age also the child should associate friends, family and others through positive and negative behaviours. They should know the difference between these two behaviours. Through this they are able to recognise the difference between safe and unsafe behaviour in relationships. Age 13 years: During this year children would have developed a good understanding of knowing what is expected of them. They will have

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