Assignment 005 Child and young person development

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Assignment 005 Child and young person development

Task A

Table 1 Physical Development

Age Range
Description of the stage
Impact on other development
0-3 months
Head and eyes move together
Kicks legs and waves arms
As the babies begin to recognise people around them this has an impact on their emotional development as they can become distressed when people are not around.
3-6 months
Sits with support
Rolls over
Uses arms for support when lying
At this stage any activities will have an impact on their intellectual development as they become aware of the different activities they do.
6-9 months
Sits alone without any support
May crawl or shuffle
Babies at this stage are able to crawl, sit without much support and therefore becoming
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7-12 years
Becomes more creative
More confident in reading and writing

They are more sociable and tend to enjoy playing games with their own age-range. They also imitate adult behaviour.
12-16 years
Developing to think abstractly

Goes through physical changes at this age, as this happens they become more mature, and as they begin to show interest and skills in different subjects as their confidence grows through communicating effectively with adults.
16-19 years
High level of skills now – for example can use computers. Can become very skilled with IT and be more knowledgeable than some adults.
They are peaking in their social, behaviour, emotional and physical as they are able to make more independent choices for themselves.

Table 3 Communication development

Age Range
Description of the stage
Impact on other development If communication does not develop as expected for 0-3 years, this
0-3 months
Cries for basic needs
Becomes quiet and turns head towards the sound of the rattle near the head
By interacting with their parents through crying this will impact on their social development.
3-6 months
Makes singsong sound
Laughs and chuckles
As they enjoy chuckling and giggling this will impact on their social and emotional development
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