Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving Math, Technology Education, And Special Education

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Bottge, B. A., Heinrichs, M., Mehta, Z. D., Rueda, E., Hung, Y. H., & Danneker, J. (2004). Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving to Middle School Students in Math, Technology Education, and Special Education Classrooms.RMLE Online: Research in Middle Level Education, 27(1), 1-17.

There were two instructional approaches, Enhanced Anchored Instruction (EAI) and text-based instruction (TBI), compared in this study. Both teaching methods were used to teach sixth-grade middle school students how to solve math problems in technology, special education classes and math classrooms.The purpose of this study was to compare the students math achieves in different academic settings regardless of a disability.
In conclusion, the results show that the students were able to learn using both instructional approaches.. The text based instruction students did better on the word problem test, while the enhanced anchored instruction students scored high on the video problem test. EAI students were able to use the prior knowledge learned in their math class, to transfer knowledge in the technology class.
There were a plethora of weakness or limitations to the finding of the study. The students were not able to be random because of school scheduling. Some scores were not able to be analyzed because of the small groupings. The number of students kept changing due to transfers and absences. A strength the study had was that the technology education teacher was able to use some of the concepts

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