Teaching Methods And Strategies For Teaching Styles

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There has always been a debate on what kind of teaching styles work best, what the best curriculum to teach is, or how to effectively organize your classroom. Yet, nobody has discovered what the most effective teaching methods are. As future teachers, we must constantly be making decisions that will shape us into the teacher we would like to become. Over the course of the next four years, and even once we become teachers with classrooms of our own, we will be exposed to many different teaching methods and strategies. There is no one right or wrong way to teach, and it is up to us to decide how we would like to structure our classroom. While there are many teaching styles, it seems that there is predominantly two types of teachers according to John Dewey: those that are reflective, and those that are not. Unreflective teachers tend to accept the routines that are given to them by the school they are working for. They spend their days working to solve problems who have been created by others for them. Reflective teachers on the other hand, are constantly evaluating their beliefs, teaching methods and behaviors and modifying those things so that it works with the situation they are in. Dewey believe that in order to be a reflective teacher, you must have three different components to your attitude: open-mindedness, responsibility, and wholeheartedness. In being open-minded, you must be willing to listen to both sides of the argument and willing to use an alternative way of
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