Teaching Methods For Various Purposes

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0.1. Counselling have been using the case study methods for various purposes such as documenting, evaluating and disseminating new approaches to therapy; contributing to public understanding of counselling; the development of theory; drawing attention to critical issues and areas of practice; extending and enhancing the interpretability of large-scale outcome studies; and training (McLeod, 2010). For the current case study, I have chosen a somewhat challenging case, which has contributed a lot to my practical and theoretical learning. This case study is divided into following sections: Case context, the client, the therapeutic process, evaluation of change, and conclusion.
1. Case Context
1.1. I have been working with this client at the …show more content…

All the client’s quotes from HAT are given in Appendix-2.
Beginning phase (Sessions 1 – 4)
3.2. I have divided this phase into first 4 sessions because it is in the 4th session that the client seemed to develop trust and move on in the therapy. As suggested by Mearns and Thorne (2013) that the ‘beginning’ phase of the counselling process involves the client developing sufficient trust in the counsellor and the relationship to start exploring the previously feared edges of his awareness.

Client’s Process
3.3. In the first 3 sessions, Tom spoke about various things including his problem of hoarding and different aspects of his self-concept. In the first session, he spoke about his self-concept of a Narcissist in a retrospective manner that during his teenage years he used to think that he is perfect and there is no one like him. According to Tom, his actual self is a Narcissist whereas his ideal self would be someone who can accept people unconditionally. This incongruence was so important to him that he mentioned it as the most helpful aspect of this session (Qoute-1). This also indicated towards his struggle to accept himself. In these sessions, Tom also spoke about his different configurations which include a self who wants to control other people’s behaviours and is jealous of happy and beautiful people. There was another self who is charming and eloquent and helps him socialise with people hiding this

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