Teaching Professionals Best Assist The Development Of Pupil 's Self

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The small scale investigation I carried out in the school I work at answers the research question: ‘
‘How can teaching professionals best assist the development of pupil’s self – esteem in the classroom? ‘

To undertake this research I had two aims:
1. To understand the ways that self- esteem develops and the impact of the classroom experience on self- esteem.
2. To reflect on and improve my own practice with a view to creating an atmosphere in the classroom where the children could be enabled to view themselves in a more positive light.
I plan to carry out a semi-structured interview with the class teacher I work with because my intention is to improve my …show more content…

I work in a Voluntary Controlled Church of England school for boys and girls, aged 3 to 11. The school is situated in an area with low socio economic circumstances. It is a school that has pupils with special educational needs and the proportion of pupils with these needs is above the national average. Pupils with special educational needs include specific and moderate learning difficulties, social, emotional and behavioural problems, speech or communication difficulties and physical difficulties. Many of these needs may have resulted in children experiencing low self- esteem.
Having worked as a teaching assistant for a number of years, I have worked with children in all different ability groups. My reason for choosing the development of self- esteem as my topic of research, lie both in my professional view of education and in my educational and personal values. I have learnt that self-esteem is one of the most important issues that determine whether an individual reaches his/her potential or falls short of that potential. The personal and social expectations and socio economic circumstances into which we are born may limit us. Self- belief, achieved through high self- esteem, above all else, in my opinion, can enable each individual to come to terms with or surpass his/her circumstances, I believe that each child deserves the optimum conditions in which to develop into a confident and an independent adult and that these conditions

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