Teaching Students : The Basal Reading Approach, And Technology Based Approach

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There are a variety of approaches teaching students to read, such as: the basal reading approach, literature based instruction approach, integrated language art approach, language instruction approach, and technology based approach. Which approach or combination of them a teacher will use in the classroom depends on the teacher’s beliefs and students’ needs. It is not easy to find out which approach would work best for each child; the teacher’s responsibility is to find alternative approaches to help each child reach the literacy goal – to help students become independent readers.
One of the techniques of teaching children to read is the Basal Reading Approach that could be considered as an example of a button up model. According to Education Market Research (2010), a basal reader is a complex collection of reading selections, support materials, and assessments held together by a hefty teacher’s edition. Chambliss and Calfee (1998) defined basal reading programs as a program that provides teachers with a rich assortment of text and instructional tools, saving precious preparation time. It makes this approach, comparing with other approaches, very “convenient” for teachers: teachers do not have to spend so much time preparing material for reading instruction and students’ assessment. Teachers already have tools to build their lessons and assess their students’ progress; they just have to adjust their lessons to meet their students’ needs and interests.
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