Teaching Styles Within The Classroom

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Teaching Physical Education today is more intricate than most people might think it is or was years ago. Classrooms today include students of a very large spectrum. This can include students who learn visually, auditory, by being hands on or even students who participate in adaptive classrooms. Basically, every student in any classroom seems to learn slightly differently than their classmate these days. Too many teachers are avoiding including multiple teaching styles in their classrooms due to the potential increase in effort and preparation that follows, but it is crucial that Physical Educators are aware of the importance of teaching styles in the classroom. A teacher who can properly incorporate multiple teaching styles into their classrooms is an example of a successful and effective teacher. Students in today’s physical education classrooms vary greatly among great levels. In order for teachers to effectively teach every single one of their students, they need to incorporate different teaching styles into their daily routine. One example of a teaching style is the direct teaching style. The direct teaching style is the most commonly used teaching style in Physical Education classrooms, so it can also be considered the most effective in a normal classroom setting. Direct teaching, or otherwise known as “Command” style teaching is self-explanatory in the fact that it the most command like style. The teacher is the leader of the classroom and provides their students with
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