Teaching, Teaching And Teaching

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Part A:
Pedagogy is about learning, teaching and development, influenced by the cultural, social and political values and principles we have for children in Scotland, and underpinned by a strong theoretical and practical base. (Learning and Teaching Scotland 2005).
Pedagogy is not simply just the practise of teaching or the transfer of knowledge from one individual to another. It involves a vast array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement. It creates a supportive learning environment, encouraging reflective thought and action. It enhances the relevance of new learning whilst facilitating shared learning and making connections to prior learning and experiences (Crown 2007).
The effective teaching of Language in the Primary school has utmost importance as it is a pivotal part of the curriculum for the pupils. Oracy can be a significant base of Language education. In recent years, oracy has become increasingly acknowledged as an important element of children’s learning in addition to the traditionally recognised core of the written word. Talk is central to our communication process, and language and communication are central to the educational development of children (Clipson-Boyles 1998). Expressing and developing this skill within you pupils in a classroom environment is an example of effective pedagogy.
Clipson-Boyles discus’s the ‘categories of engagement’. This is the engagement of readers in texts or in a lesson of language for example, that fosters
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