Teaching Techniques And Approaches That Can Be Used With A Student Depending Upon Their Grade Level

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There are numerous teaching techniques and approaches that can be used with a student depending upon their grade level, style, interests, current academic performance level, etc. It can be argued that there is overall a better way to teach and approach the content material, but what that better way is will depend upon who you ask. Some teachers will use the approach and method that they are most familiar with. Others will try the newest fad or craze. While others, will try to use the method that is research-based and the most beneficial for their students. With regards to middle level learners, there have been several studies conducted in order to learn what some of the better approaches and techniques are for how to address and teach…show more content…
Educators can become role models to these students along with some of the middle level learners’ peers (Lounsbury, 2009). Teachers can promote positive relationships with their students through respectful interactions both in how they interact with their students and by showing a positive interest in them (Beaty-O’Ferrall & Hanna, 2010). By doing so, the students have been shown to perform better academically as well as socially (Beaty-O’Ferrall & Hanna, 2010). Teachers should get to know their students (Beaty-O’Ferrall & Hanna, 2010). They should build upon what they know about their students in order to establish positive teacher-student relationships (Beaty-O’Ferrall & Hanna, 2010). By building upon what they know and through these relationships that they have built, teachers can become more effective both with regards to their classroom management as well as knowing which teaching methods are needed to best help their students (Beaty-O’Ferrall & Hanna, 2010). Relationship-based teaching does not mean that the teacher treats all of his/her students the same, but rather that each of the students is addressed/approached with a method or strategy that best fits them (Beaty-O’Ferrall & Hanna, 2010). Teachers show respect to their students within this relationship-based teaching method by showing empathy, acknowledging students’ skills and abilities, maintaining control over
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