Team Assessment : 9 Deadliest Start Up Sins

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Now it’s time to hire your people. Once you have defined your vision through your Purpose, Mission, and Core Values, you will have no difficulty finding employees whose work ethic parallels your own Vision. If you have created an appropriate business system you will find your employees acclimate rapidly, and harmonize quickly to your system. Those not sharing these values will generally self-select and leave one way or another.
Your Business Assumptions
Team Assessment: 9 Deadliest Start-up Sins Which is the most serious erroneous assumption? Why?
When making a business plan conventional wisdom assumes we can extrapolate our results into future based on our previous experiences.
But for a new business in a high-risk environment this type of planning is impossible;
We may be venturing into a completely new environment or Foundations of our previous experience may not be adequate
While some of our assumptions may come true, uncertainty may cloud outcome of others regardless of their importance.
For this reason, we must test our assumptions using "what if" scenarios.
We can rank our assumptions on basis of certainty, and in areas where uncertainty is greatest formulate alternative strategies.
This process creates a reasonable model to test our assumptions.
We are then able to modify our business plan as we identify weakest assumptions.
We can make several different types of assumptions.

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