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Let’s Talk About Problems Before They Arrive Proverbs 18:13 says, “If one gives an answer before he hears, it is folly and shame” (English Standard Version). As time moves an organization forward, the team’s wealth of victories should increase. For this to happen, the team should explore how they listen to one another and the appropriate response. All associations of people whether it is to promote sales, a sport, religious activities or think tanks need to have good communications. A team that wants to have a culture of successful endeavors throughout the years means ongoing productive communications and not only the delivery of content. Team communication should include the idea, even if it is not stated, let us look at future issues …show more content…

409). Asynchronous interactions can have a delay, especially with email. Although more popular today, according to various articles published via Google, email began in the early 1990’s and more companies provided commercial email in the mid to late nineties. Teams use it ferociously today and expect an answer. However, as stated, it can be asynchronous and hold up progress. Nothing beats live interaction even with a phone call. Moreover, simpler forms for expected immediacy can prove to be calming for desired results, like texting. However, video texting apps or regular texting still does not require an immediate response as meetings or video chat. Synchronous forms have proven over time to work best in with larger groups; i.e. meetings or conferences.
Discipline of Communication We agree teams have different platforms in which to communicate. Further understanding must include, along with the different platforms, specific targets to ensure the team will meet the challenges presented. Mazzei (2014) wrote, “Many fields of study have developed different points-of-view on the concept of communication…” showing organization communication has to land in a definitive realization to those involved (p.216). Further, Mazzei included (as cited in Shelby 1993) “The contents of journals and courses in the different fields overlap, and as a consequence it is not clear if it is simply a case of academics…” proving confusion will overtake the organization (p. 217). No

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