Team Development Techniques

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Identify how project team members are selected. Project team members are vital to the overall success of the group. Appropriate selection of team members allows for a more efficient and often more successful project. Identifying appropriate team members however, can be quite challenging considering many of the variables needed with the overall selection process. To better identify potential team members, the groups must first conduct a needs assessment. This needs assessment will determine what skills and abilities are needed to better serve the needs of the project. In addition, the group can identify candidates who have obtained those skills and would matriculate well into the group. In addition, the groups will also need to ascertain cultural and personality traits of the individual. Groups often require massive amounts of collaboration and teamwork. If a particular member does not exhibit these qualities, he or she may not be an ideal member of the team. The individual may have the required skill set, but he or she does not have the personality to allow for a cohesive unit to be formed. Identify team-building strategies. One of the key characteristics of a successful team is clear role delineation of every team member - every person has to know the role he or she is expected to play in the company as well as the roles of the other team members. Management must then ensure that every employee in your organization clearly understands how and where they fit in the
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