Team Reflection

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I don’t think that we could have been any luckier in our team assignment. Although we are four very different individuals, we share similar thought patterns and because some of our members are stronger in analytical thinking and others in creative thinking, there is just enough overlap that we enhance each-other’s strengths while reducing our weaknesses. We are all high B to low A type personalities, which means that although we are all results driven there is no-one on the team who bogarts the leadership position. The agreeable nature of our team was apparent early on as we worked through team building games and the first analysis team paper. However it has been in the preparation of the team paper that we have seen the truth of how …show more content…

At that lunch meeting, it was Jarred’s turn to take the lead as we discussed and decided on the group’s norms. We chose to adopt the basic premise of the “Team Contract” but chose not to actually sign one. We also chose which type of team our topic team would be.
And finally at the next lunch meeting, it was Dan who took the lead as we considered a new possible team topic that was belatedly presented by one of the team members. After some discussion, we decided to consider the option and so, we set a date and time by which we would agree to either change to it or dismiss it and continue on with our first choice. Dan requested that the team member who made the suggestion do some research to assess whether the possible option was actually small enough to be a team. He presented his research to the team by email at the prescribed time and withdrew it as it appeared to actually be more of an organization, so we chose to continue with our initial choice of team.
Leadership Styles
Over-all we had very little difference in our leadership styles. We were all very comfortable encouraging participative management (Thompson, L, 2014) and as a group spending time listening to differing opinions, options and ideas, and considering the pros and cons before making decisions based on the information as presented. We were also all very task-oriented as we were focused on the process of getting whatever project we were currently working on completed. (Thompson, L, 2014) I believe

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