Team Work And Team Effectiveness

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Executive Summary:
This report describes and analyzes the statement “Is establishing team work difficult in organizations”. Thus it focuses on the importance of team work in the organizations and its influence on people’s behaviors. This report begins with the explanation of the terms ‘team’, ‘team work’ and ‘team effectiveness’. It then explores whether team work is easy or difficult to establish in the organizations through the context of an example from a renowned multinational organization - Ford Motors. In the end, the paper explains four management theoretical models on the implication of team work and team effectiveness in the organizations.

Team work and team effectiveness are very crucial for the success of any organization. In order to understand their implications in any organization, it is imperative to first understand the meaning of the term ‘team’. A team can be defined as a set of different people with different skills and different individual goals but working towards a common organizational goal (Kozolwski & Bell, 2003). Team work can be defined as the process when people from different backgrounds but interdependent in tasks work together collaboratively as a group (Benoliel & Somech, 2014). Furthermore, the team effectiveness can be defined as the capacity of the team to accomplish the objectives administered environment in an organization (Baiden & Price, 2011).

Establishing Team work in Organizations – Easy or Difficult

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