Technology During Ww1

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Throughout time, soldiers needed new technology during World War l. Therefore, people started to have ideas of better and new technology, that developed the start of new weapons and technology to use in the war. This new technology had benefits and it also had problems.
Many new technology started to arise. The weapons are the ones in which developed even more. Such as the machine guns, the guns were the most destructive weapon. The most popular one was the Gatling gun. What made the gun convenient was that they had the ability to carry it around and if was an effective addition to their weapons. The poison gas was another new technology which made war even more miserable. Both sides thought that the use of poison gas would allow them to break
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These airplanes at first by the people thought they were going to be useless. In the end, the airplanes ended up being very useful. The airplanes served as a good way to shoot out the opponents. The airplanes being up in the air was such a good advantage for the soldiers that were going to use them for war purposes.
Tanks were first introduced during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette in September 1916. The tanks of WWI played a really important role during the war because it increased mobility and it broke the stalemate of trench warfare. One of the few problems the tank had during the war was the speed the tanks go. It only goes about four miles per hour and that’s pretty slow and could only do so much.
The impacts of this new technology in the World War l was that it made the war much more difficult for the infantry soldiers who did most of the fighting. The advanced technology helped them a lot throughout the war, which was a benefit for them. In the form of tanks and airplanes, these two things and more helped end the conflict. All of the things listed above added a benefit for the soldiers fighting and the rest of the war. In which there was a great impact on how the advancement of technology had on WWl, giving them a greater chance to win the
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