Technological Advances And Its Impact On The United States

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From the time when the first English colonies were established in North America until now, there has been some form of armed fighting force in place to protect the interests of the United States and its colonial progenitors. During the roughly four centuries in which this fighting force has existed, it has undergone numerous changes of varying degrees of significance. Technological advances have changed the nature of both defensive and offensive warfare, political advances have changed the nature of the relationship between the civilian population and its protectors, and geostrategic shifts have changed the role of the United States military with respect to the rest of the world. The most lasting and meaningful changes have occurred …show more content…

The conflict that eventually grew into King William’s War would provide one of the first opportunities for fighters from different colonies to cooperate in a larger military conflict on behalf of the English Empire, and also to develop a sense of resentment toward the Crown for its perceived failure to defend the colonies adequately (Williams, pp. 23-24). The colonists had inherited their ancestors’ distrust of a standing army, primarily since they saw such an army as a tool for the repression of liberty (Flashnick, Week 1). After the failure of the English army to assist the colonial fighters to any meaningful degree during King William’s War, this distrust was confirmed and amplified. Two long-term effects of the conflict were that it reinforced the American preference for the citizen soldier and, by virtue of forcing cooperation between the colonies, it paved the way for what would eventually become a united continental army. Queen Anne’s War was the second successive conflict during this period of transition for the colonial armed forces. The colonies once again were forced to cooperate militarily, this time to an even greater extent than had been the case during King William’s War. This second war involved more of the colonies than had previously fought together at any time, albeit with a substantial degree of reluctance on the part of many, and

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