Technology And Casino Operations : Computer Operations

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Technology and Casino Operations

James Branstetter

Technology and Casino Operations Player tracking has evolved far beyond the days when a pen and paper were all you needed in order to keep up with a player. With the use of today 's technology, the days of only concerning yourself with a customer 's play right now are over. Now, with the ability to compile and store vast amounts of digital information, you are able to know a myriad of facts about a player at the touch of a keyboard.(Bradford, 2013) The tracking systems of today allow a casino to keep know the over all value of a customer by tracking their win/loss, how much time they spend at the casino, where the spend their time, and their overall spending for their lifetime at the casino. The ability to compile, keep and retrieve this detailed information about customers is an invaluable tool for casino management. By tracking a player 's activity, the casino can develop marketing strategies that cater to the player with offers and complimentaries that fit their needs and their level of play. In today 's casino industry in which companies own and operate properties in multiple markets, this player information can be shared easily with “sister” properties. This sharing of information allows a company to accommodate a player 's needs when they visit any of the properties the company may own or operate. The compiling and sharing of a player 's spending habits whether it be on the gaming floor, in

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