Technology And Farming During The World

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Technology and Farming Introduction Many advances in farming have helped the world grow and prosper, for example, technology has changed farming drastically by enabling farm equipment to be motorized, allowing farmers to be able to farm more land and more crops, and by allowing scientists to experiment and make hybrid crops. Advances in science has enabled a massive growth in animal care and how animals are raised. Motorized Equipment To begin with, the equipment used for farming has dramatically changed from horses pulling plows to tractors being computerized and automatically created to do the all the work. “Agricultural technology is among of the most revolutionary and impactful areas of modern technology” (Agricultural…show more content…
Around 1700, Jethro Tull invented a horse-drawn seed drill, this allowed farmers to stop hand sowing (How Modern Farming Has Changed the World, 2016). “Farmers cut crops with scythes and manually removed the seeds before bundling the stalks”(Dove, 2016, p.1). “Through the use of technology, each farmer is able to feed 155 people today, compared to 1940, when one farmer could feed only 19 people”(Comparing Agriculture of the Past with Today, 2016, p.1). Automatic milkers and computerized feeders allow dairy farmers to take care of up to 200 cows (How Modern Farming Has Changed the World). Even the simplest of inventions made the biggest impact, barbed wired made it easy for farmers to keep their cattle in their land (The Science and Technology of Agriculture, 2016), barbed wire allowed cows to transition from grazing to cattle raising (The Science and Technology of Agriculture, 2016). Advances in technology made the industrial revolution possible by farmers being able to provide cheap food for towns (How Modern Farming Has Changed the World, 2016). Advances in Science and Animal Care “Commercial fertilizer, a blend of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, allows farmers to realize high yields on their crops and to use the same plot of land year upon year for their crops” (Dove, 2016, p.1). “Between 1890 and 1899, American farmers
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