Technology And Its Effects On Our Classroom Essay

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Technology In Classrooms When people walk into a classroom and a teacher is up front lecturing, all they see are heads down on desks. As they walk around people are sleeping and doodling things like “I love you”, and writing their names 1000 different ways. The room makes someone feel like they are standing in a funeral home. It is boring and no one pays any attention, and anyone could notice that when there is dried drool on the desks for the next class. Not all classrooms are bland though. If someone would walk into a room with technology being used, such as computer interaction, powerpoint presentations, and upbeat music that teaches students a fun way to remember conjunctions, there is a lot less drool on the desks. There is much more interaction in that type of environment, because students are tired of being lectured for seven hours a day, five days a week and want a new and interesting learning technique. Schools need to have technology in all their classrooms, so students stay interested and involved. No one likes to take notes the same way everyday. “Okay everyone please take out your notebooks and pencil for notes today,” says every teacher, always. Hand cramps, sloppy handwriting that later can’t be read when someone is trying to study, and unorganization. Gregory Hamel states, “Using laptops for the purpose of note taking can be very beneficial, since a strong typist can record notes much faster than writing by hand.” When students take notes on paper,
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