Technology And Its Effects On The Classroom

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IPads and all of this new technology is being used more to play Flappy Bird than get any real schoolwork done. With new innovations in technology, schools have decided to incorporate devices like the Smartboard or IPad, but we do not know how to use them effectively to teach. Sure, these devices could be of some help, but the school board has not effectively taught teachers how to fully utilize the very equipment they are using to teach their students. Even with a firewall that can block certain websites and media, if a student really wants to slack off in the middle of class, they will find a way. However, if teachers were taught how to fully implement their devices in the classroom, students would not want to waste an entire class period playing Minecraft on the IPad or Apple computer. After all, most teachers will spend days trying to figure out the new systems that have been thrown in their face. Just think of the disastrous consequences and wasted money just to try to get a Smart Board to work. If we do not teach and properly implement better technology, we will continue to waste both students and teachers time, as shown by Four County Career Center and it 's use of the iPad and Smart Board.
You would think that by implementing new technology with old teaching methods, you would get a positive result, right? You are terribly wrong. Four County has caused more trouble for both learning and teaching by just thrusting new devices and software at teachers. Sure, some
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