The Education System Of Education Essay

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There’s a lot going on in today 's society from the election, roads, taxes, even killer clowns. I’m going to talk about today’s education system. Since the education being taught in the schools is for the generations to come. People need education to have a stable life in this country, to get a good job, and to support themselves financially. Therefore, are need to improve education overall.
First, the students being taught in the classes are based on technology. We already know how technology is carrying how students perform in education. But in education today kids and students are surrounded by it. When I was elementary or even middle school there was no such thing as an Ipad or a Chromebook. The school board is making students feel like it’s a necessity to have in class everyday. I see kids at the age of 6 or 7 asking for their Ipad or chromebook for homework. I ask myself “is this really how the school board wants to teach the future generation of students?” Students are so used to using PowerPoint and Word at such a young age.
Secondly, the lack of teachers and the lack of people who want to be teachers is creating problems. Teachers have been going on strike in different committees in the US. The most this class would know about is how Mchenry high schools teachers went on strike. We don’t pay our teachers enough for what they do. The teachers in the US barely make enough to live a nice live. Overall I think we should pay teachers as much as doctors because a doctor
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