Technology And Its Impact On Students And Teachers Alike Essay

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Our technology has helped people learn information quicker and more efficiently by having technology in schools and households to give students an extra step into their education. This meaning they would be more ahead than those who do not have access to it. It also has brought a money saving and new way to teach classes which has benefited many students; this being online classes. Technology has brought a major change into the world’s education by giving students quicker access to information, new creative learning methods, and more access to tutors and tutorials. However, not every city, town, or state can afford or access such technology. With the introduction of advance technology in these areas will bring a positive impact to students and teachers alike.

Quicker access to information
Web search engines are widely used by students all over the world. They are useful engines on the internet where a student enters a keyword and numerous results pop-up. Some of these search engines include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Searching for information through these engines are much more efficient and quick compared to looking through a book. This helps students have access to quick information despite location. So if a student lives in a lower income area and has internet access they will be learning and accessing the same information a student in a higher income area would. With such quick and accessible information students then has more time to spend on reading the

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