Technology And Technology Essay

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I’ve grown up in a strange time period. Born in 2000, I have grown up with modern technology in a unique way. Just as new developments were being made from home phone, to flip phone, to smart phone, I was reaching the ages where that new technology made sense for me to graduate to. I even still become jealous of kids now who are allowed to skip those steps. My education was shaped by changing technology. When I started school teachers were still using projectors and wet-erase markers on plastic sheets and our standardized tests were all paper based, then as smartboards and tablets became normal for class use and the standardized tests became digital I was right there. It made sense to go from washing projector slides to drawing and playing educational games on a smartboard because of the way I learned to interact with new technology. It made sense to go from paper to online based tests because I was taught how to use a computer slowly for years. I still played outside and hung out with friends which many people prefer to forget about my generation. As so, the impact modern technology has had on my generation is less of a direct interpersonal one as many older people think, rather modern technology has caused us to question our global relationships; who we are, what we are here for, how do we matter. In a large part who I have become today is a direct result of this, I am a member of a global community but I am a small and generally insignificant member. This isn’t a bad

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