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Technology is being rapidly integrated into society. Despite this being the obvious route in our evolution, there are lots of people who are against the ‘commensalism’, of sorts. The thing is, though, I don’t think they realize just how important technology is, and in how many different areas of your life it is so. There are three main categories in which most people benefit. These three are: science & medical, which is relating to the human body and discoveries in many different scientific fields; transportation & weapons, which is mainly any mean of travel and any type of newly developed weapon; and entertainment/media & science fiction, meaning how technology in the media affects us, and how the media affects technology.

The medical
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I may soon be seeing the vehicles as i drive, as because of this I have been researching self driving cars, and have been finding that they are much more common and pending than lots of people seem to think. They are also less of a threat than people think. Speaking of threats, not all technological advances are necessarily safe or good ones. Canada is in the proximity of a country with a large military, one specifically started to prepare for a possible war. Weapons have progressively become more and more complex, and now the biggest thing seems to be nuclear. Nuclear weapons have a larger range and are more destructive than other weapons. Due to it’s notorious destructivity, many theories have been formed around what could happen during a nuclear war, and nearly all include that neighbouring areas or countries suffering. For example, if North Korea is hit by a nuclear bomb, South Korea will suffer as well.

The last and probably most well-known field is entertainment and media field. Social media and games are getting more advanced, with things like matching algorithms and more personalized options, or better graphics and sound. I myself play a lot of video games, and the progression of them is obvious. I’ll play a game that was released in the 90’s, and one by the same company that came out only a few months ago, and the difference is amazing. Games are becoming more accessible and personalizable to the extent that some games give you the ability to create your own

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